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Tank Rail Cars.com is your one stop shop for tank rail cars, freight cars, tank wagons, railroad tank cars and everything related to railcars. We have an extensive inventory of tank rail cars for sale and tank rail cars for lease and have the ability to source tank rail cars under short notice. We have strong relationships with all the tank railcar manufacturers and many other railcar leasing and rail car manufacturers.

Tank rail car demand has exploded over the past year due to oil tank car usage in the Bakken and in Canada. Tank rail cars give the users the ability to ship their oil to a wide variety of crude oil markets in order to optimize crude oil pricing. When determining whether or not you are looking for oil tank railcars for sale or oil tank rail cars for lease please consider your usage and how long you plan to generate cash flow. The buyer should also consider if they are prepared to handle the related lease of the oil tank railcars as we do offer operating leases whereby we handle all of the maintenance of the oil tank rail car. Oil companies railing Bakken crude ideally would use a general purpose 31,800 gallon crude oil tank rail car but due to lack of supply of tank rail cars some are using 23,500 gallon an smaller insulated coiled tank railcars