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Which Oil Tank Rail Car to Order

Information on Which Oil Tank Rail Car to Order from Different Types of Rail Cars Like 31,800 General Purpose Tank Railcar, Heated Tank Railcar, Insulated Tank Railcar, Coiled Rail Car and Insulated Coiled Tank Railcars.
Tank rail car demand has exploded over the past year due to oil tank car usage in the Bakken and in Canada. Tank rail cars give the users the ability to ship their oil to a wide variety of crude oil markets in order to optimize crude oil pricing. Oil companies railing Bakken crude ideally would use a general purpose 31,800 gallon crude oil tank rail car but due to lack of supply of tank rail cars some are using 23,500 gallon an smaller insulated coiled tank railcars. Oil companies railing Condensate are also using general purpose 31,800 gallon tank railcars and most will require a gauge rod on their tank cars for loading purposes. Oil companies loading heavy crude oil are using heated, insulated, coiled cars ranging from 20,800 gallon tank cars, to 23,500 gallon tank rail cars to 25,500 gallon tank railcars. We at tank rail cars.com have access to all these cars in addition to a new 29,000 gallon oil tank railcar which is known as our next generation tank car and comes with additional cost but has the ability to handle condensate, heavy oil, bitumen and light oil. We have access to all of the tank railcar manufacturers including many other railcar leasing and rail car manufacturers.

There is currently a strong debate as to what railcars should be utilized to handle crude oil and/or condensate. If you are hauling light crude and/or condensate we recommend a 31,800 general purpose tank railcar. If you are transporting a heavy oil or a bitumen from the oilsands, we strongly suggest you use a heated, coiled, insulated railcar. As for size, weight restrictions may become an issue with tank rail cars as railways, like the one to Fort McMurray in the heart of the oil sands, have a weight restriction of 268,000 pounds for tank railcars.